DAY 1: NORTH AMERICA - MADRID.  Depart North America for our overnight flight to Madrid, Spain.  We will be served dinner and breakfast aloft.

DAY 2: MADRID - LEON.  Arrive in Madrid and depart by bus to the city of Leon. Enjoy the afternoon and evening at your leisure to acclimate yourselves to the time change and explore the city of Leon. Overnight in Leon.

DAY 3: LEON- ASTORGA – RABONALDEL CAMINO.  Departure for Astorga where you will begin your pilgrimage. Walk through the area called: la Maragateria, ending in the Bierzo region that borders with Galicia. In the middle Ages, Rabanal Del Camino was an important stop for pilgrims before they walked through the mountains. Overnight in Rabanal Del Camino. (Walking Day 12.3 Miles/19.7 Km)

DAY 4: RABANAL DEL CAMINO - MOLINASECA.  This morning we visit the Iron Cross where traditionally pilgrims bring a stone from their homes and leave it as a symbol of what they are “leaving behind”. The end of our today’s journey is the charming town of Molinaseca. Overnight in Molinaseca. ( Walking Day 16.5 Miles/26.5 Km)

DAY 5: MOLINASECA – VILLAFRANCA DEL BIERZO.  After Mass, continue the walking pilgrimage. Pass through the historical city of Ponferrada. In this monumental town stands the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Encina which was built to commemorate the apparition of the Virgin in a grove of Holm Oaks. At the end of the day, arrive in Villafranca Del Bierzo, the last major town along the Camino de Santiago. Overnight in Villafranca del Bierzo. ( Waliking Day 19 Miles/30.9 Km)

DAY 6: VILLAFRANCA DEL BIERZO.  Today is a day to pray, rest and enjoy this beautiful town. Villafranca Del Bierzo is believed to have been founded by French monks of the Cluny order. The town could be said to owe its existence to El Camino and the many monuments founded here that make Villafranca Del Bierzo a natural tourist destination. Overnight in Villafranca Del Bierzo. (Resting Day)

DAY 7: VILLAFRANCA DEL BIERZO – O CEBREIRO.  Today we walk through the Ancares Valley with the ending destination being O Cebreiro. With an altitude of almost 4,000 feet, this town owes much of its existence to the Camino de Santiago. In the 9th Century, the monastery of the Sanctuary of O Cebreiro was built, not much remains other than the Church of Saint Mary the Royal, considered to be the oldest intact church along the whole Camino with the relics of a 14th century Eucharistic Miracle. Overnight in O Cebreiro. (Walking Day 17.2 Miles/27.6 Km)

DAY 8: O CEBREIRO - TRIACASTELA.  We will continue our pilgrimage towards Santiago. In Galicia, we will pass through countless hamlets connected to one another by ancient dry-stone walls separating the trail from an endless patchwork quilt of worked fields and cow pastures. Our stop today will be Triacastela. Overnight in Tricastela. ( Walking Day 12.2 Miles/ 19.6Km)

DAY 9: TRIACASTELA - SARRIA.  Depart for the town of Samos and see the impressive Benedictine Monastery of San Julian de Samos . Arrive at the town of Sarria this evening. Overnight in Sarria. (Walking Day 13 Miles/ 20.9Km)

DAY 10: SARRIA - PORTOMARIN.  Depart for Portomarin. The town, which dates back to the Roman Age, was an important halt along the Route in the middle Ages. Overnight at Portomarin. (Walking Day 14.3 Miles/ 23Km)

DAY 11: PORTOMARIN – PALAS DE REI.  Today set off into the woods on our journey towards Palas de Rei, once an important town in the Middle Ages. On the hilly walk, we shall continue through field and forest passing countless granaries, hórreos, and wayside crosses. Overnight at Palas de Rei. (Walking Day 15 Miles/ 24.1 Km)

DAY 12: PALAS DE REI - ARZUA.  Today we set off for the bustling small town of Arzua. A Medieval bridge leads pilgrims to Ribadiso, before arriving at Arzua a town famous nowadays for its Galician cheese factories. Visit the Gothic Chapel of Magdalena, the only part of the old Augustinian monastery that survives. Overnight in Arzua. (Walking Day 18 Miles/ 28.9 Km)

DAY 13: ARZUA – ARCA DO PINO/RUA.  Continue the trek to Arca do Pino, the largest community before Santiago. Overnight in Arca do Pino. (Walking Day 11 Miles/17.7 Km)

DAY 14: ARCA DO PINO – MONTE DO GOZO - SANTIAGO.  Set out to make the last and final stage of the journey to reach the famed city of Santiago. En route we'll stop for our picnic on the Monte del Gozo (Mount Joy) from which the spires of the Cathedral are first visible. After arrival in the Cathedral square and time for prayer before obtaining your “Compostela” or certificate of completion of the journey. Check into the hotel. Overnight in Santiago de Compostela. (Walking Day 14 Miles/ 22.5 Km)

DAY 15: SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA - MADRID.  Visit and celebrate Mass at the Cathedral of St. James, one of the finest examples of architecture in all of Europe. Hug the statue of St. James, pray at his relics and participate in the sacrament of confession. Overnight in Madrid.

DAY 16: Madrid – USA.  Transfer to Madrid Airport for return flights to USA.