Pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle; Ireland

Pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle; Ireland

"When Erin first rose from the dark swelling flood,
God bless'd the green island and saw it was good;
The em'rald of Europe, it sparkled and shone,
In the ring of the world the most precious stone.
In her sun, in her soil, in her station thrice blest,
With her back towards Britain, her face to the West,
Erin stands proudly insular, on her steep shore,
And strikes her high harp 'mid the ocean's deep roara."

and so begins William Drennan's poem which is attributed as the source of the reference to Ireland as the "Emerald Isle"

Explore the Emerald Isle with The Catholic Pilgrim Office!
Visit the places many of your Parishioner's ancestors lived.
Have your faith deepened by the many Shrines that fill this great island.

a From William Drennan's "When Erin First Rose"

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